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the midway

With over 40 attractions - we have something for everyone!

Check out all of our attractions below. Be sure to check back because we are always adding more!

thrill rides

omg 360

The NEWEST and brightest ride on the Carnival Midway, the OMG 360, is not to be missed! Only the bravest patrons with the toughest stomachs can handle this ride. Patrons swing and scream over the midway. This giant pendulum masterpiece swings riders a complete 360 degrees while revolving.


Height Requirements: Over 54”  This is a High Speed -spinning ride with strong front to rear and side to side forces.  Riders must sit upright, must be able to fit within the over-the-shoulder restraint and hold onto the restraint during the ride.  RIDE SPINS AND YOU WILL COMPLETE A 360 DEGREE EVOLUTION!  Riders must ascend/descend stairs at the entry and exit and be able to step up into the seat.  


Spinning at ll.5 RPMs the Matterhorn is a ride that can make anyone’s head spin.  Fly through the Himalayan Mountain themed ride both forwards and backwards.


Height Requirements: Over 48”   Riders must ascend/descend stairs at the entry and exit.  Riders must sit upright, and be restrained by a lap bar and hold onto the lap bar during the ride.  This is a high speed spinning ride with strong centrifugal forces.  Larger Patron must sit on the outside seat when riding with another patron.

Pharaoh’s Fury

Swing in an Egyptian themed boat.  This ride swings high up into the air as the patrons on the other side of the ride watch you scream your heart out!  The Pharaoh’s Fury is a giant swinging ship that swings passengers 50′ in the air. You can’t find this type of swing at any old city park!  This ride was Made in the USA by Chance Manufacturing.


Height Requirements: Rider must be Over 48”  Riders will ascend to a height over over 50 feet and free fall back to the platform.  Riders must ascend/descend entry and exit ramps.  Riders must be restrained by a lap bar and hold onto the lap bar while the ride is in motion.  

Rock Star

Get your groove on as you rock out riding through the air as you glide up 60 feet high.  The Rock Star gives riders a unique free-fall experience as the carpet whisks towards the ground.   Hope you aren’t afraid of being stopped on the top!  This ride mesmerizes even the toughest and bravest of riders.


Height Requirements: Riders must be Over 42” to ride  Riders must sit upright and alone.  Riders must fit within the over the shoulder restraint.  Riders must have full control of their arms and legs.

family rides

Wacky Worm

The New Wacky Worm Roller Coaster suitable for the entire family. Curvy turns and fast action make this a family favorite you will want to ride again and again!   The Wacky Worm is a kiddy coaster that travels in a two story figure eight with a nice banked drop at the end. Fun for the whole family!


Height Requirement:  Over 42 ”  to ride alone or 36″ – 42 ” can  ride with a supervising adult ~ Riders must sit upright, and hold onto the lap bars.  Riders must ascend and descend stairs at entry and exit.

Century Wheel

A family favorite that is both relaxing or exciting.  Sit above the crowds in a gondola tub that has enough room for a family of four.  Here is a ride that the whole family can enjoy and ride together.   Sit back, and enjoy the scenery.  The Century Wheel is the icon showpiece of Fantasy Amusement Company, Inc.   15 – 4 passenger tubs carry riders 65 feet above the midway providing them with a spectacular view of the surrounding area.   In 2011, the Century Wheel received a upgraded lighting package and now features thousands of programmable LED lights!  The Century Wheel provides a unique and amazing light show capable of dazzling spectators from miles away!


Height Requirement:Over 42” unless with a Supervising Adult ~ No Single Riders  Riders must assume a proper riding posture without the air of another guest during the operating cycle.  A proper riding posture is one in which the rider has their back against the seat with control of their extremities.  Riders must ascend and descend stairs at entry and exit.  


A carnival tradition that features 3 rows of beautifully painted carousel horses than any child young or old will be excited to ride.  The ride also features two chariots that allow for parents to sit with their children as they ride, or even just watch as their children ride upon the horses.  The Carousel features  beautiful horses that gallop in a circle!


Height Requirement:Over 42” unless with a Supervising Adult for riders 36″ – 42″ ~ Riders must be at least 42″ to Ride Alone.  Riders must sit Upright, and hold onto the horses.  Riders must be able to step up onto a  uneven platform.  Bench style seats are also available.

Bumper Cars

Bump and crash into each other on this American classic.  Here children can drive their parents around on this fun family ride.  Our Scooter building has 12 cars crashing, bashing and slamming – great (safe) destruction derby fun!


Height Requirement: Over 42” to Ride ~ Over 48” to Drive or Ride Alone Riders must sit upright, be restrained by the shoulder harness, operate the foot pedals and steering wheel.    Riders must be able to setup onto a platform and into the cars.  Riders must ascend and descend stairs/ramp at entrance and exit.  


Spin around and around on another classic made in America ride.  Created in 1927, this has been a family favorite for decades.  Families are able to sit together in one of seven tubs as they rotate and spin on this hilly track.  The Tilt-A-Whirl is a traditional mainstay that is still loved across the country.   Featuring off-center spinning, whipping going up and down hills, triple spin motion.


Height Requirement: Over 46” unless with an adult  Riders must be able to sit upright, restrained by the lap bar, and holding onto the lap bar while ride is in motion.  Riders must withstand strong front to back and side to side forces.  Riders must ascend/descend stairs at entry and exit.  NO SINGLE RIDERS

Zero Gravity

Spin round and round as you go up into the air while being held in by centripetal force and a seatbelt.  A ride that makes your head and your stomach spin so much that you won’t know which to hold!   This is a ride for tweens, teens, and adults alike! The Zero Gravity is a high speed, gravity-defying experience taken to new heights!  Riders stand against the wall and as the cylinder begins to spin, it rises in the air at a 70 degree angle!


Height Requirement: Over 42” to ride and must stand upright and along during this spinning ride.  Riders must ascend/descend stairs at entry and exit.

Kite Flyer

The closest thing to being “Superman”! This ride lifts you 30ft In the air and allows you to soar through the wide open sky. Patrons ride on their belly and watch all those below on this very colorful and fun ride.  This is a more relaxing, slower spinning ride that is fun for all.


Height Requirement: Over 42” Rider must step up into the kite in a prone position and be flat.  Riders must withstand a spinning ride that turns at a high rate of speed.  Each kite holds a maximum of 275 lbs.  It is not recommended that any child under 3 ride this ride.

Dizzy Dragon

A twist on the family favorite, instead of spinning apples, you and your family spin dragons.  Not only will the dragons be dizzy, but so will you!  Each rider controls how fast or how slow their dragon spins.  The Dizzy Dragons features four giant dragons that you can spin and sit in.  Great fun and a very attractive ride for the little ones!


Height Requirement: Over 42” unless with a supervising adult for riders between 36 “- 42”  Riders must sit upright and entry into the ride car requires negotiating elevated steps.


The Sizzler is a multi action ride that twirls riders in circles. Each of the tree arms are connected to spindles with four cars. As the center rotates, so does the spindles giving riders multiple actions!


Height Requirement:  Over 48″ Unless With  a Supervising Adult 42 – 48″ ~  Riders must sit upright, and be restrained by a lap bar and hold onto the bar during the ride.    Riders must be able to withstand strong side to side forces.  

Krazy Kabin

This one is fun for the entire family, with many fun tricks including a Suspension Bridge, Moving Walkways, a spinning barrel and, to finish the fun, a Spiral Fun Slide at the end!


Height Requirement:  Must be Over 42″ to enter individually, or over 36″ with a Paid Adult.  Patrons must be able to navigate uneven, moving surfaces independently.

Luna Wheel

New in 2018, this Family Style Ride is perfect for our Family Festivals, Perfect for Rentals; Weddings, Music Festivals and all Special Occasions.


kiddie rides

Super Trucks

A truck ride for the little ones!  This ride gives kids the chance to drive their own big rig while also being large enough for parents to sit with their children on the ride.  This is the perfect ride for kids to experience if this is their first time to the carnival.


Height Requirement: Over 36” unless with a supervising adult.  Riders must be able to setup into the trucks seats.

Car Ride

A fire truck, motorcycles, mustang, and a Model T Ford circle around on this kid favorite ride!  Here is a relaxing kid friendly ride that is designed with the little guys in mind.  No adults allowed; this is a KIDS ONLY ride


Height Requirement: Over 36” under 54” Riders must be able to step up onto the ride platform and into the cars, restrained by a lap belt.  

Motorcycle Jump

New in 2023! Kids, rev your engines! Calling all Harley  enthusiasts – the Motorcycle Jump features a collection of cool motorcycles that pop wheelies and go over jumps!  kids can go Hog Wild; riding on motorcycles, even jumping into the air!  This is a kid favorite that gives kids a little bit of  aerodynamics, while still keeping them grounded.  This is a great ride for toddlers and those who are just a bit too short for the big kid rides.  No adults allowed; this is a KIDS ONLY ride!


Height Requirement: Over 36” under 54”  Riders must be able to step up onto the ride platform and onto the cycles.  

Kiddie Wheel

A much smaller version of the Century Wheel, this ride is designed with kids in mind!  Only going 20 feet in the air, kids are able to get a feel of what it means to by high above.  Parents can ride with their children on this ride.


Height Requirement: Over 36” unless with a supervising adult.  Riders must ascend/descend stairs along with stepping into the cars.  Riders must maintain a seated position at all times while riding this ride.

Fun Slide

Slide down this family favorite.  Decked out with three different colored lanes, families are able to race down this 40 foot slide of fun.  Parents can even let their smaller children sit with them and they can slide down together.


Height Requirement: Over 42” to ride alone; riders between 36″ and 42 must ride with a supervising  adult  Riders must climb several stairs to the top of the slide.  Riders must sit up and maintain a ‘seated’ position while riding down the slide Feet First.

Dragon Wagon

A roller coaster just for kids, this dragon themed roller coaster is a great ride that gives kids the thrill of a roller coaster but is also not too scary.  It’s a great ride for kids who want to ride the bigger rides but are unable to.   This ride is KIDS ONLY!


Height Requirement: Over 36” under 54”

Saber Tooth Inflatable Slide

This Saber Tooth is hungry!  He might be scary looking, but is very tame.  Climb into the Saber Tooth’s mouth 27 feet into the air.  Then slide and bounce down to the bottom of his mouth!  This is a great ride for little kids and big kids.


Height Requirement: Over 42” & under 76”  Riders must remove shoes before entering the slide  and climb up several stairs to the top of the slide.  Riders must sit up and maintain a “seated position” while riding down the slide Feet First.  

Tractor Ride

This is for kids ONLY. Ride on Your Choice of a Caterpillar Tractor, John Deere or Name Your Own.  Down on the Farm Fun!!


Height Requirement:  Over 34″ and Under 54″ Riders must be able to step up to the platform, step into the tractor and be restrained by a lap belt. 

Wally Gator Ride

For the Kids ONLY!  Kids over 36″, and under 54″ can ride on Wally Gator!


Height Requirement:  Over 36″ and under 54″ must be able to step into the tubs and be restrained by a lap belt.

food & games


We put the FUN in Funnel Cake!  That’s our tag line and our motto!   Along with funnel cakes we have many delicious toppings to add to create your own FUNnel cake!  Fresh made lemon shake ups, cold bottled water and various other beverages quench your thirst.  Look for our Specialty Topping Funnel Cakes at an event near you!


Popcorn Wagon – where we serve up traditional style carnival/festival food including Hand Dipped Corn Dogs, Freshly Popped Popcorn, Hand Dipped Caramel Apples, and Freshly Spun Cotton Candy.

Other Menu items include Nachos, Pretzels, All Beef Hot Dogs and Polish, Pizza Puffs, Sno Cones and other refreshing beverages.


Slush Stop – Pour your choice of tasty flavors for a cool treat!  Take home a souvenir cup!


For your convenience, Credit Cards are accepted at our Funnel Cake Wagon, Popcorn Wagon and at our ticket boxes.


ATM machines are placed through out the midway, and placed in the Slush Stand.



We provide family style entertainment and Games of Skill  to suit all ages; from the Lucky Duck Duck Pond, the Catch a Frog at the frog pond for the wee ones,  to the group games like the Water Gun Fun Water Race or Roll a Ball Derby.  We have family favorites onsite like the Dart Balloon and Shoot Out the Star.  We make sure we see lots of smiling faces and lots of prizes all around the midway!


And for Your Convenience

Complementing our Theme Park Style Rides, Games and Concessions, Fantasy Amusement Company, Inc. has placed throughout the midway, benches to rest and/or sit to observe your kids while they are enjoying the event.  Strategically placed are Hand Sanitizer stanchions for our patrons convenience.

We strive to make your visit comfortable and a great experience.  Clear, Visable and Informative, easy to read Signage is available on Each Ride and at each Ticket Box for your Safety and Convenience.


We Feature our  Self Service Ticket Boxes, for when the lines are long for credit card sales.  These machines accept cash only and exact denomination is required.

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