2024 marks our 39th year in business.   We work All Around the city of Chicago, Including the Windy City.  We appreciate your Patronage, and Thank you for your continued support!

Please Take Note:  As weather conditions seem to be more extreme each season,  we are solely dependent upon the weather for our events successful and safe operation.  With that said,  Please Know Our Ride Credits / FunPass / Tickets Never ExpireWristbands are time sensitive, deeply discounted, and do expire at the end of each advertised session.  We cannot control the weather, and cannot offer refunds in the event of weather closures.  We will not operate in Extreme weather conditions.  Our patrons safety is our sole priority.  We encourage you to be aware of the weather conditions and make your decision Before making your FunPass Or Wristband Purchase.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

 Our FunPass Ticketless System which we previewed in the 2021 season at selected events, Will be at the Majority of our events this season.  The FunPass system was met with great success and we are excited to add this system to our upcoming events.  Patrons purchase an RFID Enabled card One time for a $2 Fee.  Credits are purchased and placed on the card at the multiple kiosks we have on site.  Fantasy FunPass Cards are easily reloaded or read at these kiosks, and can be used by more than one person when visiting the same rides, games, etc.   Patrons present their Fantasy FunPass to our attendants where the card will be scanned and the appropriate amounts of credits for that ride, game or food will be deducted.  FunPass Cards should be treated like cash or a credit card as they are valuable, and can be used at multiple events.  Fantasy FunPass cards can be purchased with cash or card, and the cash discounted price is reflected at the kiosks. All sales are handled directly by the patron.  Unlimited Rides Specials are also purchased at the Self Service Kiosks, and patrons will receive a voucher to be presented at the Wristband Redemption Station.  All wristbands are time sensitive.  A voucher is issued for each patron, good for one use only, and as  before, all sales are final; rain or shine.   Staff will be on hand, stationed at the FunPass Kiosks to assist or answer questions.  FunPass will be available at Most Locations. 

Online Ticket Sales – Have continued to grow, and our FunTagg partner has created the ability to purchase advance sales to provide advanced sales for some of our venues and events in 2024.   Avoid the lines by purchasing tickets in advance, and take advantage of Limited special discounts and offers throughout the season.  This Seasons Offerings will be available starting in Late May.  Click on the BUY NOW button for  Advance discount purchase options, Or Click on the Event Link.  ADVANCE DISCOUNT TICKETS CAN BE USED ON ANY PAY ONE PRICE EVENT AT THE LOCATION FOR WHICH THE TICKET WAS PURCHASED, AT THE SAME PRICE POINT.  Pay One Options are the best value offered.  

Please Take Note~ALL Discounted ADVANCE PURCHASE OPTIONS GO OFF SALE (NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE) The day before the Event Opens at 11:59PM.   

As we progress with FunTagg, watch for updates on our site for future online offerings.