Tips for Patrons

Enhance your Midway Experience!   We are committed to giving you the Best possible experience on Our Midway but being prepared will jump-start you on the way to getting the most out of your day!

Know our height requirements. Please measure your child before arriving or at any of our Measure Up measuring charts located at our ticket purchase points. Also, we have Measure Up signs posted at each ride stating that rides’ height and seating requirements.  Please refer to these signs to Measure Up your children. Height requirements are set by the ride manufacturers for the safety of the patrons.  Height Requirements are adhered to For The SAFETY of ALL patrons.

Please be advised that children under 42 inches may be required to ride some of the attractions with a paying adult rider for safety purposes.  All Riders must have a wristband or credits to ride.

Wear comfortable shoes. OPEN-TOED shoes are not allowed on certain rides for your safety.

Rainy or Inclement Weather. For your safety, certain rides may close during severe or inclement weather and reopen as soon as possible. Concessions and games will remain open unless conditions are extremely severe. All wristbands are Time Sensitive,  are non-refundable, and in the case of weather and we do not issue rain checks.  Credits, TICKETS or Fantasy FunPass Never expire and can be used at any of our events. Please check the weather BEFORE Making your purchases, as we cannot control the weather.  

WRISTBANDS are non-transferrable and non-refundable.   Please make certain that you safeguard your wristband, as it cannot be replaced under any circumstances.  Tampering with, attempting to remove and reapply will negate the wristband.  Wristbands found to be tampered with will NOT be honored, nor replaced.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Come prepared for the unexpected. Pack sunscreen, an umbrella and appropriate clothing in case the weather suddenly turns wet or unseasonably warm or cool.

Please Secure ALL LOOSE ARTICLES. Keys, cell phones, wallets and other items tend to get lost during rides. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items on our Midway.  Ride Operators are Not Responsible for securing or protecting your personal property.

LOST ITEMS can be found at Guest Services or Offices during the Festival or Fair. We encourage guests to leave valuables at home and to always secure keys, cell phones and wallets during the ride.

Lost Children or Parents. If you become separated from your parents, children or friends during your visit to our Midway, please go to our Guest Services or Midway Office as they are in contact with Police and Security personnel at the Festival or Fair and all Managers on the Midway.

Guests with Disabilities. We welcome guests with special needs and we want to help make your day a comfortable and memorable one. Please see our Guest Services to see what services are offered.

FIRST AID. There is a first aid or medic station at each of our events. Please see Guest Services or a member of our management team to find the nearest location.


For your Safety, all rides at Fantasy Amusement Company, Inc.  have height requirements.  Some Rides do not allow single riders.  
All patrons must follow all posted signage and are required listen to instructions given by the ride operator at all times.  This is for all riders safety.
Remain seated and restrained and keep your arms, legs and head inside the ride at all times.
Remove all loose articles, such as sunglasses, cell phones, hats, open-toed shoes and jewelry that may have the potential to fall off during the ride. We are not responsible for lost articles.  Selfie Sticks are NOT allowed on any ride at Any Time.  Your Property is YOUR Responsibility.  


You maybe held legally liable for loss or injury to any bystanders from flying objects you fail to secure.  Please secure all personal property prior to riding any ride.